Tableau Desktop Advanced Training Workshop – 2023 October/November


Learn Data Analytics with Tableau and leverage Visual Analysis in your company. This training workshop also supports developing data literacy in your organisation.

A) Basic-Level => 1 or 2 days for beginners in Tableau.
B) Advanced-Level => 3 days for advanced users.

Recording of training content

This screen recording content is provided as a one-time service to attendees of this live Tableau training workshop and is available until the end of April 2024. To access the video, you will need the password provided.

Content from Day 2

II) Connecting to data and preparing the Data Source
– Structuring Data Sources
– Connecting to data in databases
– Relationships – Tableau Data Model

III) Exploring and analysing data
– Understand why Tableau does this
– Review Filtering
– Filtering in depth
– Filtering Pipeline / Order of Operation

IV) Creating content and working with your data
– Parameters

Tableau’s Filtering Pipeline / Order of Operations

Review topic: Table Calculations in Tableau

Content from Day 3

IV) Creating content and working with your data
Groups and Sets

V) Sharing & presenting content
Publishing to Tableau Server & sharing content


Groups and Sets

Distributing and Publishing

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